The Social Age Safari

A co-created conference curated by Julian Stodd


The Social Age Safari 2018

In previous years, we have explored ‘Social Leadership’, ‘Social Learning’, ‘The Landscape of Trust’, ‘The Socially Dynamic Organisation’, and ‘Organisational Change’. We have worked with the community to determine the three topics for 2018, which relate to core aspects of learning, leadership, and change, challenges at the heart of the Social Age.

The three topics for the Social Age Safari 2018 are:


As systems become optimised in the current space, they become brittle to change. We will explore Resilience as a feature of the Socially Dynamic Organisation.


A community is more than just a collection of people: it’s a coherent, high functioning, resilient, entity. We will explore the conditions for community: how do we create fertile ground for community to emerge?


As organisations strive to adapt to emergent markets, ward off disruption, or act as disruptors themselves, the subject of innovation comes up time and again. But innovation is neither a system, nor a process: it’s an emergent feature of a Socially Dynamic system. How will we foster, nurture, or provoke, innovation?



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