The Social Age Safari

A co-created conference curated by Julian Stodd

The Social Age Safari, 15th – 17th May 2017

What is a Social Age Safari?

The Social Age Safari is co-created and fully immersive conference: it provides space to escape from our everyday reality and work with a community of like-minded professionals from around the world, from a broad range of backgrounds, to chart a journey through our new ecosystem of The Social Age.

Who is it for?

The Social Age Safari is designed for anyone with curiosity and interest in the Social Age and what it means for organisations.

It’s specifically aimed at senior leaders, curious learners, strategists and policy makers.

If you have an interest in how your organisation needs to change to get fit for the Social Age, this is for you.

The Social Age Safari is not your standard conference: There are no exhibitions and there is no formal agenda.

It’s a co-created open session event, structured yet agile – one where everyone contributes.


What happens?

Each year we come together as a community to explore three aspects of our new ecosystem in detail.

Working within a loose, facilitated structure, it is the delegates themselves who will co-create the narrative through a series of exploration hack events.

How does it work?

Running throughout the 2 days and 2 nights are a series of ‘Creative Voices’ sessions, which provide reflective space to think about how we communicate and can be more effective in communication, and understanding aspects of community and performance.


Event Times

Monday 15th May : 6pm – 11pm
Tuesday 16th May : 8:30am – 11pm
Wednesday 17th May 8:30am – 4pm


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