The Social Age Safari

A co-created conference curated by Julian Stodd

The Social Age Safari 2018

The Social Age Safari is a three day event, (14-16th May 2018) where we bring together 70 bold Explorers, to be immersed in a deep exploration of the Social Age. It’s a chance to learn, to contribute, to make plans for change, exploring ‘learning‘, ‘leadership‘, ‘culture‘, ‘technology‘, and ‘change‘ itself.


It’s a fully immersive three day event, where the experts are everyone in the room, engaging in a co-created exploration.

What is the Safari like?

In 2017, we explored ‘The Landscape of Trust‘, meeting a panel of alcoholics, talking about ‘trust‘ in rehab, a circus performer, talking about ‘trust’ in performance, a group of creative collectives, operating out of a squat, talking about ‘leading without leaders’.

We used poetry and music to explore ‘trust‘ in each other, trust in teams, trust in organisations.


We hacked some real technology to build the ‘MOOD Post 3000‘, allowing us to dynamically measure the ‘temperature’ of the community in the room. We created a flock of ‘SoundCloud Birds’, capturing social learning with NFC chips.

We talked to graffiti artists about gang structures and power dynamics, as well as to disruptive change agents within the NHS, about claiming permission to change.

You will be exposed to new ideas, new communities, new technologies, and new thinking.

How does it work?

It is set up as a voyage, where we come together, aboard a ‘ship’ to take part in a grand adventure. You will work closely within your core ‘Shore Party‘, heading out to explore, coming back to ‘make sense of it‘, and building your ‘six week experiments’ to take back out to your workplace.


The Safari itself is a methodology for an event where the 70 delegates carry out the core ‘sense making‘. It’s a challenging event, aimed at strategic thinkers and leaders who want to help their organisation get fit for the Social Age.

Sharing our story

Storytelling is a key aspect of the Safari: throughout the event, we publish editions of The Social Age Chronicle, a co-created newspaper, capturing our shared and co-created narrative.

Who shouldn’t come

The Social Age Safari is not for everyone: it’s not a conference with sessions and presentations where you will hear answers. It’s an exploration at the cutting edge of Julian Stodd’s own research and thinking, exploring challenging ideas, and providing opportunities to both contribute and to learn.

If you want to be given answers, it’s not for you. If you are happy to engage in creating the answers, this is a space you will love.

The Social Age Safari 2018

In previous Safaris, we have explored ‘Social Leadership‘, ‘Social Learning‘, ‘The Landscape of Trust‘, ‘The Socially Dynamic Organisation’, and ‘Organisational Change‘. We will be working with the community to determine the three topics for 2018, which will relate to core aspects of learning, leadership, and change, challenges at the heart of the Social Age.

About Julian Stodd, Curator of the Safari

Julian Stodd is a writer, and Explorer of the Social Age: with nine books, covering leadership, learning, culture, and change, and over 1,700 articles to his name, Julian works with complex global organisations around the world, helping them to chart a course, to adapt, to get fit for the Social Age.

Today, Julian is developing a body of work around The Socially Dynamic Organisation, covering the skills, behaviours, and organisational design principles of an adapted organisation.

About Sea Salt Learning

Sea Salt Learning was founded by Julian Stodd in 2014 to develop his research into deeply practical, evidence based, effective organisational interventions. Today, Sea Salt Learning is known globally for it’s strengths in:

  • Developing a Learning Architecture for organisations, allowing them to implement more effective, collaborative learning.
  • Building Social Leadership capability in individuals and teams.
  • Effecting Cultural Transformation, through engaged Communities and finding fairness in culture
  • Driving Change, through the Dynamic Change Framework
  • Building Trust, through the Landscape of Trust research work
  • Creating diverse ecosystems of Collaborative Technology


Event Times

Monday 14th May : 6pm – 11pm
Tuesday 15th May : 8:30am – 11pm
Wednesday 16th May 8:30am – 4pm

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