The Social Age Safari

A co-created conference curated by Julian Stodd


The Social Age Safari, 15th – 17th May 2017

The Sea Salt Social Age Safari is a two day co-created conference for bold explorers of the Social Age.


It’s aimed at strategists, practitioners and leaders in large organisations who want to transform their organisation.

It’s designed to build a better understanding of the Social Age, specifically:

  1. The new ecosystem of the Social Age
  2. How we learn and adapt our organisational learning
  3. The type of leadership we need
  4. How our organisation can change, overcoming resistance

Working within a loose, facilitated structure, delegates will co-create the narrative through a series of ‘Exploration’ hack sessions and a range of fluid ‘Creative’ sessions.

Delegates will follow three tracks, unearthing their own story through the event and learning from that of others. This will allow them to explore:

  1. The changes my organisation has seen
  2. The things we think will help us
  3. The challenges we know we will face

Through the community ‘sense-making’, steered within a scaffolded framework, each delegate will build their own narrative to take away.

In parallel, we will write the co-created story of the conference.

In each quadrant, delegates will have the choice of:

      1. Taking part in activities
      2. Offering to present based on their own expertise
      3. Listening to other presentations
      4. Co-writing the shared narrative

Curated by Sea Salt Learning founder Julian Stodd, the Social Age SafariĀ is a small format, open session event, where the structure and outcomes are co-created and co-owned by the community.

Interested in taking part?

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